Yes I am still here!

After the summer holidays up to December was a very hectic time. Did quite some workshops in Germany an even went to Copenhagen and Basel Switzerland.

Besides that I manage to introduce 2 new tools as well. Beside the circular cutting board I introduced the Guider Pro and the Multi Corner Cutter. All these tools are made for the Proxxon hot wire foam cutter and are really helpful when it comes to nice crisp cuts and shapes. I do hope to develop some more tools in the near future.

Apart from the designing of tools I try to develop some interesting add on times for buildings that I want to produce with a laser cutter. I even bought one and hopefully it will arrive just before Christmas.

Around Christmas I will have 2 weeks off from work. Time to prepare for 2017 and especially for the Tactica in Hamburg. I also updated my list of events for 2017. For now it is a short list but I think it will grow in the upcoming month.

Last but not least;
Finally my web shop is starting to get shape. Can’t see it yet but it looks great already (behind the scene) Hope to get it up later this month.

Keep you informed!