Workshop Hamburg Germany

Hamburg 2014 23

June 2016, Workshop Wu Dao Kampfschule Germany.

Quite an impressive Workshop in THE Kung Fu fighting school of Heiko Klisch.
We had this 2 day workshop in one of the training halls of his school with a group of enthusiast who wanted to make Tau scenery for their gaming table. Besides this group project I also worked closely with Karina who challenged me to work on a door frame that has to become a 3D fantasy display of fairytale like places and buildings.

On the second day of this workshop Heiko also challenged me in building a 1:1 scale 40K Bolter. At that moment I never did such a project so lets see how this all worked out…..

In the end we had quite a lot of base coated Tau scenery and one very happy Heiko…….. as you can see in the picture below.

Hamburg 2014 47