In this section you will find more information about the “Styrodur Workshops”.
To give you an idea about how this works you can read the information below and check out the photo reports of the workshops I have done so far.

Styrodur Workshop information:


When you are interested in an intensive 2 day styrodur workshop you only need to bring 5 to 15 people together, arrange a location and I will report in.
So far I did this workshop in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany and can present this workshop in Dutch, German or English.

So what will you do during this workshop?

The basic features:
– Working with the foam cutter, producing sheets, specific forms and freehand cutting,
– Cutting and gluing techniques,
– Tips on measurements and positioning building features,
– Applying structure, such as stone, wood and plaster,
– How to make glass windows,
– Making thatched roofs and slate roofs,
– Beam structures and pillars,
– Making floors, pavement and streets,
– Painting techniques,

Advanced Techniques:
– Working in layers,
– Adding special details,
– Working with a hand held drill,
– Working with flock and static grass (building your own static grass applicator)

Once you get the hang of the basic techniques you will be on your way and start building your own project. During the workshop I will support you in any way possible and share all available tips & tricks.

What is included?

Enough foam to get you going for the whole workshop. This means that you get a precut set of different foam sheets so you can start working with it straight away. You also get some large styrodur blocks that you can cut yourself during the workshop.
Some other materials are included as samples of fabric used for thatched roofs and different kinds of gauze for making (glass) windows.

What does it cost?

If you are interested then please drop me an email. Price depends on location, the number of people and if I have to find my own place for the night. A Workshop includes the Styrodur. Up till now I had workshops in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark.
Beware you might get addicted 


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