Workshop Springe

This first weekend of March (2016) we had a Workshop in Springe Germany. With a group of 6 we spend Friday afternoon up until Sunday 15:00 at the “Gemeindehaus” in a light and spacious room, working with Styrodur. After a mutual exercise we all started working on our own projects. A great variety in size, and game system related projects where started. A 28mm city block for a Batman game, a ruined round altar, a medieval Farm, a WWII Bunker, an wizards tower, a 10 mm modern skyscraper and a big ruined factory hall.

At the end of the workshop some projects where finished and the rest was well on its way. Will upload the pictures of this workshop within a week and I expect to receive some pictures of finished projects over time.

Thanks to all the participants of tabletopclub Legio Bulldog