Workshop / Frostgrave / Sheets

With the flue long gone I still have voice problems. But things are getting better….slowly….

Fortunately the hobby continues although some projects need a boost soon.

First of all the styrodur sheets;
I designed a series of structures and we are working hard to get those ideas from ideas to actual pre-pressed sheets. Lots of them had test runs but it is time to start presenting those structures to the public. Starting from this week on I hope to launch some new structures soon.

9 & 10th of April I had a workshop in Amsterdam. The pictures are up so you might want to check them out. (See workshops, “de Pijp”)

Finally I started on some Frostgrave scenery. Building ancient ruins in a fantasy setting is always fun. The challenge for me is to work with snow and Ice. With the first test piece done I already started on the second project. I keep track of my progress in my recently posted “Frostgrave” page in the Projects/Styrodur section.

Frostgrave 04

Finally some workshops and conventions are coming up. Since I often get questions about those happenings I want to add some kind of calendar on my homepage.