Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire 01

Making Barbed Wire

You’ll need;
– Metal thread 0.4 mm thick
– Small pair of tongs
– Hand drill
– Super Glue
– Pencil or small piece of wood

We start off with a piece of thread, Halfway I bend the thread around a pencil and twist the pencil a few times to fasten the thread to this end.

At the other end make sure both ends are of the same length. Bending them into one little noose and fasten them in the hand drill.

Holding the pencil with one hand and rolling the hand drill withthe other, the wire starts to twist. Repeat rolling the drill until you like the twisted pattern.

Cut both ends of the wire free from the drill and pencil and cut another single thread. Holding the twisted and single threads with thumb and index finger, firmly rotate the single thread around the twisted thread four times. Make sure you make the twists close to one another. The single thread is now attached.

Shift your grip on the twisted wire a little bit and let the single thread make a noose along side your thumb. Rotate the single thread again four times around the twisted threads. Repeating this will get you a string of nooses.

Working with longer threads slows down the process so you might want to use several shorter threads stead of a long one.

Secure every link with a drop of super glue. Once it is dry you can start cutting away the nooses with a pair of tongs and your barbed wire is finished. You can twist every link a bit to make the wire look a more irregular.

You can entwine the wire around a pencil to get a roll of barbed wire.

Some examples;