Styrodur Sheets

The Styrodur Sheets project is one of my ongoing projects. I am always looking for new and interesting structures that I can apply on Styrodur. From all the structures you can see here I made most of them myself in a way that I can produce sheets that are at least 10 cm wide and up to 50 to 60 cm long. It is nice to see when people use my sheets for roads, walls, harbors and so on.

Wooden floor structure with a clear visible grain. Never been so simple to add a wooden floor in a house.


Natural round stones designed for old roads. I simply cut out the winding road and add some sand and grass


Flat round stones that can be used for walls and roads.


A more classic pattern. Nice for squares and bridges.


Big flat stones that looks great as temple or dungeon floors.


Diagonal structure. Used it in a church thus far.


Brick wall / street structure.


Diagonal brick structure.


Larger stone structure that goes well with the next three sheet types.


Large brick wall sheets with archways in them.


Water / wood structure


Roof tile structure 1.


Roof tile structure 2.


Roof tile structure 3.


Modern Grid._DSC2688

Modern little stone structure 1.


Modern little stone structure 2.


The next three structures are 6 cm wide. Those where the first ones I made.


The next structures are not designed by me.

Flagstone structure.


Hexagonal grid.


Triple hexagonal grid.


Sci-fi / steampunk grid.


Irregular stone grid.


Scratched surface.


Wood structure.