Glass Dome Project

Glass 43

A fragile project, the “Greenhouse” or “Glass Dome Project”. A project with a lot of glass and with an iron frame.
Before the actual build I started to make some glass sheets using black painted plaster band, wood glue mixed with water and a rubber brush.

A long strip of plaster band was harnessed  horizontal between some stones. I added the thinned wood glue using a  rubber brush. Once dry it is semi-transparent.

Next series is the build up of the project starting with the dome section where I used a half Styrofoam ball to guide the skeleton beams of the project.
Since all the glass is glued upon the skeleton frame I had to use lots of thin strips to glue over the glass edges so it looks good from the outside. Adding small drops of wood glue on these thin strips gives the suggestion of big bolts that keep the project together.

The copper color in combination with the red bricks look fine.  Alas I did not finis the project it was sold right after the last window was set into place. The large boiler room that had to be attached never came to be. Well it was a great learning experience so it was well worth building it.