Dungeon Project

Welcome to the Dungeon….

Dungeon 08

In 2014 I started to build a Square dungeon room. I decided to work with a wall template in order to get the doors lined out well. This with future rooms in mind.

Not many w.i.p. pictures but as you can see, this first room has a rotating floor and will have doors on every side. The doors will be different. One will be a skull door where I used plastic skulls to make a temporary form using clay. The form was cast using resin. The doors stick into the wall and they slide open.

Some more detail and overall shots of the finished square room. Each corner has one of the 4 elements.
The round floor rotates and by doing so will seal of or give access to a door or a corner in the room.

After this room we, a group of 5 people, started to make a real dungeon. Working on several rooms at the same time using the template in order to get all the rooms lined up well. We also made variations on the basic 30×30 cm room. To make larger rooms.

My second room is an L shaped room with a Warlock residence in it. Added a secret door and some benches with skeletons on it.

Next was a large room 90×60 cm. Here I decided to lift the dungeon up 10 cm in order to create more depth so I could add a river . The wide open space will be surrounded by walls  in a way that all adjacent rooms fit nicely. In the end I had to cut 40 big Styrodur blocks to lift the entire dungeon up.

My contribution at the dungeon consisted of all the rooms above and two speed build rooms. The lava room with rotating pillars and a long hallway (90×30 cm) with three bridges going over them.

In all we build a dungeon 180X150 cm. Below some final shots of the entire dungeon.