Bunker (WW II)

Bunker 01

During the “Berlin workshop” I made a small bunker demonstrating the curved roof and concrete structure. Back home I finished this little project and did some tests on making barbed wire, working with plasticard, painting with ink and using products of  MiniNatur.

The bunker is placed on a small hill. In this way the bunker gets the right height for 28 mm figures. At the entrance I tried to model a sandbag wall out of the Styrodur. Not that bad but it does look like some kind of stone wall so some practice on that is needed.

I used “plasticard” strips to make iron bars that stick out of the ground. Along these bars I will add barbed wire.

I used 0.4 mm thick metal thread for the barbed wire. Rotating 2 wires to a thicker one and using a single thread to add the actual sharp parts. A tutorial will follow asap.
I wind the wire around a pencil to get the curled barbed wire form.

Finally I added static grass and small bushes and plants from “MiniNatur”. I added ink on the barbed wire and on the concrete to make it look dirty.