Bruegelburg Tower


The Bruegelburg Tower originated from the “Bruegelburg House” Project. At the start is was a round section of this house project but during the build this section came loose and transformed into this large fantasy tower.

The only work in progress picture is the one below. Every single stone is a little block of Styrodur. Once glued on I added structure into it. The woodwork is Styrodur as well. The tower is build up out of several thin layers of Styrodur bend around a larger round object and glued together. The ring that goes up the lower section (the wall element that is base coated in black) was cut out one block. Between both sections I discovered a way to cut round objects in a way that I do not need to bend sheets anymore to get round shapes.

Bruegelburg Tower 05

The base of the tower is done. It took me almost 2 years to get to this point. From here thing speeded up and I saw a clear picture of how the project had to go on. At the end the tower consist out of 6 elements where each element is structured from the inside as well.

Some detail shots from the tower sections. The roof tiles are made by cutting up thin sheets of Styrodur into large strips. Using a needle and wood glue to position every the roof tiles one by one.
Not sure if the tower is finished. The fun thing with towers is that you can make them bigger adding new element underneath.