Big Guns

Bolter 43

During A workshop in Hamburg Heiko asked me if we could build a Bolter. Never made one but once we got some pictures to work with we started building one. At the end of the day we both had a 1:1 Bolter in our hands. Until that moment I never had the urge to build something like that but now I know better…..

I made a small series of Bolters since some of my friends would like to have one as well and they look great when I am at a convention showing people what you can make out of Styrodur.

Some w.i.p. pictures:

The real deal……

Making a series of Bolters was fun but now it is time to experiment a bit. So first I made a smaller gun. Oh, and I wanted a Combi bolter for myself:-)

Big guns and ladies go very well together so here some pictures of the ladies with guns.
The big chainsaw / grenade / tommygun kind of weapon is 110 cm lang and weighs a stunning 450 grams.