Buccaneer Ship

Buccaneer 01

The Buccaneer Ship is the largest of the fleet.

The rough shape of the vessel is made out of Styrodur adding as much detail as possible.
This model is used for making the first mold from which I get my first cast in dental plaster.
After this process the real work starts. Aligning the surface Adding details and remove any irregularities.

After a few weeks of sculpting the final mold is made. Always a relief when the first casts come out well.

Now that the hull is done it is time for the three masts and their fighting tops, the capstan and the cannons. Most of the parts are cut out of plaster or made out of wood and rope.


– Ships length from stern to bow 38.7 cm and from stern to tip of bow mast 45.1 cm
– Highest point of hull 12.0 cm and lowest point 4.7 cm
– Widest point of the hull 14.0 cm outside 12.2 cm inside

– Main deck 12.0 cm wide and 16.5 cm long
– Front deck  8.0 cm wide and 3.0 cm long
– Captains deck 10.0 cm wide and 5.0 cm long
– Rear deck 6.5 cm wide and 3 cm long

Buccaneer 02

Some final overall and detail shots of the Buccaneer Ship.