Outhouse Series

It may sound a bit “twisted” but what do you do when nature is calling while you’re in the middle of some epic battle, a skirmish encounter or on a delicate sneaky mission? No matter what situation you’re in, every now and then you need some privacy. Fortunately I have the solution. From now on you can have your own outhouse on the gaming table.

The Outhouse Deluxe:

My first outhouse sculpt is the “Outhouse Deluxe”. Actually it’s nothing more than a basic outhouse build out of stone, wood and plaster but it beats s(h)itting in the bushes so that justifies it’s name.

Outhouse 01 Outhouse 02

The Organic Outhouse:

For those of you who like to keep in touch with nature I present the “Organic Outhouse”. A small structure built out of twisted branches and other wooden parts that happen to be lying around.  We have a roof of shingles and some kind of ad-random stone base.

Outhouse 03 Outhouse 04

The Armored Outhouse:

State of the art, ultra-modern and highly defendable. The “Armoured Outhouse” Made out of concrete and steel and with some tactical well designed shooting holes that allow you to shit and shoot at the same time!

Outhouse 05 Outhouse 06