Small Plaster Projects

While building scenery with plaster I build some smaller projects. While working with basic building blocks I started altering them more and more, designed my own blocks to extend the range of blocks and finally designed a range of my own. The “Small Brick Series”
Ruined Watchtower

A small round tower where I used pincers to damage the structure to my liking.

Venetian Tea House

A rather dull looking building that I made out of some spare plaster building blocks.


Looks like a little ashtray. A macabre one though with these skulls.

Secret Passage

A test on trying to make a secret door a wall section.

Dungeon Tile

This project is about tree roots and toadstools. A lot of little organic fetures have been modelled into this single dungeon tile project.

Raging River

A used some basic floor tiles, scratched out the central part of these tiles and filled it with modeling clay.
In the first version the surface of the stream is about the same height as the tile. So this version became the “Lava Stream” version.
With the second attempt I used thicker blocks and worked the stream deeper in to the surface.

Pictures of the sculpting process

The painted rivers


A strange set of pillars