Wild West “Boomville”

Boomville Casino 03

“Wanted: Dead or alive” from “Over the Wire Games” is a skirmish wild west shoot-out game with only a few miniatures, a deck of cards, some silver dollars, a bottle of whiskey and the music of Ennio Morricone at the back.

This fun game asked for a wild west table so I started to build some houses for it. During the build  someone bought all my unfinished buildings and I had to start from scratch. Actually I still have to.

I do have some pictures left of them. Since it was a fun project and something completely different I decided to post the unfinished project at my site, still hoping to start another “Boomville”

The Casino:

All the buildings are built using Styrodur and balsa wood.

The Hotel:

Shops and houses of Boomville:

Some other buildings:

Playing the game: