Pimp My Carabande

Carabande 01

Carabande is a fun dexterity game that won the prestigious “Spiel des Jahres” prize in 1996.
In this game you flick discs (racing cars) over a track.
Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some challenging hazards in the road….

After some small obstacle tests like the “Chicane” and “Ramp” I got loose…

The first big challenge is the “Looping”. Made out of one original track piece, a black plastic bucket and some plywood.

Carabande 02

The “Slingshot” Is made out of a big black bucket, one original track piece some plywood and big chunks of Styrofoam. A difficult obstacle but with a bit of practice you get through it rather well. It is all in the wrist…

Carabande 03

Finally there is “The Hill”. A steep ramp that has three exits at the top. Only the middle leads on, the one on the left and right guide the disc back to the front of the ramp.

Carabande 04

Some final shots of the hazards in action