P.O.T.S.M. Tables & Islands


Pirates of the Spanish Main is a collectable card game, well sort of that is. You buy small sets of plastic cards that you can punch out and assemble. Actually it is a 3D CCG where you collect ships, form fleets and fight epic naval battles.

P.O.T.S.M. pirates-table-01

In 2004 I saw the game at Gen Con Columbus Ohio, bought me some packs and once home started to make may own playing surface (2 actually). Also designed my own set of islands.

Made the table out of MDF, used 3 colors of spray paint and a marker for the nautical lines.

The islands are cut out of a thick sheet of foam, layered with wood glue and fine sand. I used acrylic paints on them and glued some thin, see through, plastic card underneath to represent shallow waters.

I sold my first table to the Dutch distributor of the game so I had to make a new table. This time slightly smaller simply because a larger piece of MDF did not fit in my car.

Going wild on the island I made up names for them like “Tear-drop Island”, “Humpback Island”, Bone Dog Island”, “Tail-bone Island” and “Hammertoe Island”.

Some final shots of the second game table.