My projects stretch from the early nineties up till now. Over the years I used all kinds of materials and I am always interested in experimenting with new materials.

Styrodur Projects

Most of my styrodur projects start as a study on texture and form. They are mostly build as illustration for the styrodur workshops I give. (See “Workshops” Page) Sometimes a test piece ends up being part of a larger project.

As for the styrodur projects my goals are to keep exploring the possibilities of the material for 28mm scenery and, one day, make the ultimate tabletop city landscape.

Resin Projects

I use resin when I want to produce series of a specific project. You can find several of them in the “Shop”.
Apart from ships I am always looking for interesting niche projects like the outhouse series, the facades and so on.

My current goal is to expand the line of ships, focusing on medium and larger sized ones.

Plaster Projects

An important development came from the “Hirst Arts” molds. Casting plaster bricks and build structures from it. A quality product I most certainly recommend. Over time I started designing my own blocks and adjusted scale. Finally I sold all my molds. I learned a lot from this adventure and improved my sculpting techniques using different kind of plaster and dentist tools.

I still use plaster for sculpting purposes.

Other Projects

Mainly older projects that do not fit in the other sections.