Now this is fun

Yesterday Jeremy finished painting the little scenery piece I made for him. He wanted to keep it clean, like Just paint it, but ended up adding all kinds of detail.
We went downtown to visit manitoba museum. See the local history and visit the boddyworks exhibition, animal edition.
Time to go to the Forks to eat flocal fish and and drink local beer. While enjoying our beers 2 students came to our table and recognized Jeremy from his channel. The fun was that they where from Belgium so I started talking Dutch which they do to. Long story short, they where excited to meet Jeremy and I might see them at the Crisis convention in Antwerp later this year.

Finally we did some shopping at the hobby store. Great store, like really big! Bought some cool stuff for a steampunk project. After visiting a haloween pop-up store….. incane….. We went back home.

I build Jeremy his Dome cutter and still have to build his Shape Shifter so we can try that out tomorrow.
In all a fun day here in Winnipeg.