It has been a while

Yes it has been a while since my last post but I never stop hobbying so it is time for some updates.

End of Mai I visited the Role Play Convention in Koln.
A 2 day event that is mainly about people dressing up in awesome outfits. Never the less there was a Tabletop section that was well visited. I had a great time telling people about building scenery and showing them my work. I believe I will get some invitations for workshops due to this event. Still have to upload some pictures of this event bit that will happen soon.

Then I had a 2 workshop at Hasselt Belgium. I fun group of 10 people that where not only enthusiastic but also liked to sing along while working on their projects. Again I did see some very interesting projects being born and I will post pictures from this event soon as well.

Talking to Sascha from “Table Top Basement” we end up agreeing that they will start selling items from me through their Web shop “Markeeigenbau”. We just started so it will still take a while to fill the shop with different items. Every three month I will visit Hannover to visit friends, doing hobby and for supplying the shop.

I rarely do commission work but recently I started on a commission project, building Minas Tirith houses in 18 mm scale. It will be 10 houses in all and I will post pictures of this progress on my page as well.

Finally I launched the finished prototype of my Cylinder Cutting Board. This board will be available at workshops, conventions and in de webs shop of Tabletop Basement. I also take personal request, sending them out myself. In the upcoming month I will start producing them with the laser cutter. To get an idea of this product I uploaded this picture:

Cirkelsnijder 01

That’s it for now. Next Workshop is July 2 and 3 so I will get back to you after that.