Frostgrave and Dungeontiles structures

The last few days I spend most of my time thinking about how to ruin my Frostgrave project. While thinking about this I finished structuring the entire project. I could paint it and then I would have a nice, undamaged, building  but that is not what I had in mind so it must be destroyed. This evening I will cut it up and then the real work starts; Putting the building together in a way that the ruin looks realistic enough. Besides that I will start painting the tree so I can start adding icicles on it.

You might remember this picture where I designed some dungeon tile structures. I am close on finishing 5 of them (top row and the lower structure where the archer is). They are all 1″ tiles. They soon will be followed as a 1.25″ series as well. Update on these structures will follow soon.

Dungeon Tile Test 01

Finally I will do a workshop upcoming Saturday in Amsterdam. Looking forward to this one day workshop. We are with a group of 7 people and I expect to do some work at my own projects as well during this event.