Frostgrave …… again…….

Well I think I might do some Frostgrave updates in the near future since I still have loads of ideas when it comes to building snowy ruins.

With the major demolition done, I painted the project black and brushed it medium grey so I can see the detail clearly. From this point on I will go on damaging the project and start adding stones and sand. Hope to finish this part this weekend so I can start working on snow and icicles straight after that.

Frostgrave 36

Apart from building scenery I started making new sheets from the new dungeon tile structure rolls. Loads to do but not that exciting so I force myself to do at least 10 sheets every day but actually have to do more than that.


The website is quite slow and I am almost out of disk space. So I might want to go to another provider to improve on speed and going for a lot more available space so I can go on annoying people with my work.