Catching up after a nasty flue.

For the last two weeks I had a nasty flue. Still problems with my voice but apart from that I do feel better, better enough to pick up the hobby once again.

Some short updates of projects that will shortly be seen here in my Blog or on my website;

Last weekend I visited “Impact” a small convention in Eindhoven. well organized, nice people and some really good gaming tables. I will keep this convention on my list meaning that I hope to visit “Impact” once again next year.

  • Cobblestone structure: The final structure roll is in the making so I will add those to my series of sheets very soon.
  • Dungeon tiles: Currently I have three dungeon tile structure rolls that we are testing at the moment. Next week I hope to have these three structures finished in a 1″ grid and the week after that in a 1.25″ grid.
  • I met the people from and they showed me some great stuff from “Scibor”. Perfect items that I can use in future ruined projects. Check them out! Hope to show you some projects soon with these elements of Scibor worked into it.
  • Ok, I admit, I like Frostgrave so that is what I will be working on whenever I have the time. Expect some updates on that as well. (I even have to start painting minis once again)