Another Workshop and updates on my Frostgrave project

The Workshop at the Amsterdam Six Shooters Wargaming Club was a lot of fun. With 8 people we worked for 12 hours, had a lot of laughs an some great projects where started. You can see the picture report in “this” link.

It was Sunday morning that I decided to cut up my Frostgrave project. Still lots to do but there is no way back so from here I have to try to make the ruins look as realistic as possible.

Frostgrave 32

besides this project I will start preparing the next workshop at “Tabletop Basement” in Hannover 6-8 Mai. Also have to start preparing voor “RPC Koln” This means I have to make a lot of sheets, building kits, starter sets, resin casts and so on.

Until nex update