Welcome to Shiftinglands

Welcome to “Shifting Lands”, a site dedicated to the 25mm world of fantasy. You can find some ideas on making terrain and buildings for your gaming table and some usefull “Tutorials” as well. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting,



Shape Shifter & Peeler



What’s new:

The website and webshop will get a make over. Will start adding a lot of new items in the shop soon; Windows, doors, new tools etc. Making good progress on my own series of  stucturing rolls for hard foam and hope to get the first series out within the next few month. Another whish is to start making video’s where I show how to build specific projects in hard foam. And above all do a lot of builds….. 


Where to find me in 2019:

Mar.   2 – 3     Workshop Hannover, Germany
Mar. 16 – 17   Workshop Bremen, Germany
Mar. 29 – 30   Workshop Essen, Germany
Apr.    6 – 7     Convention Red Lipon, Braunschweig, Germany
Apr.  13 – 14   Workshop Groningen, Netherlands
May.   4 – 5     Workshop “Ruinen Stadt”, Hamburg, Germany
May.    11        Convention Ad Arma, Meckenheim, Germany
May. 18 – 19   Convention Mel-Bel, Welver, Germany
May. 25 – 26   Workshop, Wertheim, Germany
Jun.    1 – 2      Combi Workshop, Hannover, Germany
Jun.  22 – 23    Convention, Conflict, Reusrath, Germany
Jul.   26 – 27    Workshop Kopenhagen (pending)
Sep.    7 – 8      Convention Spielzug, Hannover, Germany
Sep.  21 – 22    Workshop Sauerland Wurfelstorm
Sep.  28 – 29    Workshop Dortmund
Okt.  12 – 13    Workshop Hannover, Germany
Okt.  19 – 20    Convention Scale Model Challenge, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Nov.     9          Convention Crisis, Antwerp, Belgium


If you are interested in a Workshop just send me an email.