Welcome to Shiftinglands

Welcome to “Shifting Lands”, a site dedicated to the 25mm world of fantasy. You can find some ideas on making terrain and buildings for your gaming table and some usefull “Tutorials” as well. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting,


Where to find me in 2020:


Jan.  11 – 12     Workshop Gelsenkirchen
Jan.  25 – 26    Scenario, Germany
Feb.      2          Poldercon, Utrecht, Netherlands
Feb.      8          Warcon, Gent
Feb.  15 – 16     Tactica, Hamburg, Germany
Feb.  28 – 29    Workshop Koblenz
Mar.    7 – 8      Workshop Essen
Mar. 14 – 15     Workshop Duisburg : “Drunken Dwarf”
Mar. 21 – 22     Murocco, Mutterstadt
Mar. 28 – 29    EME Lingen, Germany
Apr.    4 – 5       Red Lion, Braunschweig, Germany
Apr.  18 – 19     Workshop Osnabruck
May.   2 – 3       Melbel, Welver, Germany
May.      9         Ad-Arma, Meckenheim, Germany
May.  16 – 17    Conflict, Langenfeld, Germany
May.  23 – 24   Workshop Burghausen, Beiern, Germany
Jul.      4 – 5      Model Expo 2020, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Aug.   22 – 23   Nieder Rhein con Wesel
Nov.        7        Crisis, Antwerp
Nov.   21 – 22   Dioramica, Hann. Munden

If you are interested in a Workshop or you like to invite me for your con, just send me an email.

Late Pledge is still open! 
Write to: thebuildingbook@gmail.com


Matching the countdown from ’only 10 days left’ here a short update to our Kickstarter project: Due to the unlocked stretch goals the book has grown to 220 pages and there are numerous templates, components and “Glass Sheets” FREE of charge. Currently their value is 16€ / US$ 17,60 and many more free parts are already in sight – not bad, right?!


Hard foam Cylinders, Doors, Windows etc..



What’s new:

Finally the first series of eight cylinder is here!
These cylinders are designed especially for hard foam. Sharp edges and deep imprints.
Will release a video soon where I will explain more about these cylinders.

Doors, windows, roof elements and other smaler items will be uploaded soon in the shop as well. 



If you are interested in a Workshop just send me an email.