Welcome to Shiftinglands

Welcome to “Shifting Lands”, a site dedicated to the 25mm world of fantasy. You can find some ideas on making terrain and buildings for your gaming table and some usefull “Tutorials” as well. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting,



With the Tactica behind us I finally got my web shop up in the air. Lots of Items will be uploaded in the upcoming weeks / month.


What’s new:

The Tools are available in the web shop. Also the new Angle Cutter / Winkelschneider is in stock!
Check out the Window series, this range will expand quite a lot in the following weeks.

Where to find me in 2017?

  • April 2: Impact Convention Eindhoven Netherlands
  • April 29-30: Workshop Hamburg Germany
  • May 13-14: Workshop Mannheim Germany
  • May 20-21: Workshop Hannover Germany
  • May 27-28: Role Play Convention Koln Germany
  • June 3-4: Monkey Con Belgium
  • June 17-18: Weekend Workshop Aschaffenburg Germany
  • November: Crisis Convention Antwerp Belgium

August – November: still openings for Workshops & Conventions. When interested send me an email.