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Welcome to “Shifting Lands”, a site dedicated to the 25mm world of fantasy. You can find some ideas on making terrain and buildings for your gaming table and some usefull “Tutorials” as well. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting,



Dome Cutter / Cork Board Spinnen / Cylinder Press 2.0 / Angle Slider / Rake Set



What’s new:

Lets start 2018 with a few new features.
– The newest and most complex tool is the “Dome Cutter”. It comes with an extensive building instruction as well as an extensive tutorial with a lot of pictures.
– The Cork Board Spinner is a rotating corkboard that can store up to 31 miniatures. Since you can rotate the disc it is also suited for using with an airbrush. The lid / disc on the Cork Board Spinner can have a customized immage engraved. (just contact me)
– The Cylinder Press 2.0 has a plastic guiding system for your pins. They now roll even better.
– The “Angle Slider” can be used in combination with a fence like the “Guider Pro”. It helps you to make long angled cuts.
– The “Rake Set” is a little tool that speeds up engraving brickwork in hard foam. The three rakes each have difrent widths (0,4 inch or 10 mm / 0,3 inch or 8 mm / 0,2 inch or 5 mm).


Where to find me in 2018 & 2019:


•Sep. 8-9       Convention “Spielzug” Hannover, Germany
•Sep. 21-23   Workshop Koningswinter (Koln / Bonn)
•Okt. 6-7       Convention Modell Hobby Spiel Leipzig, Germany 

•Okt. 13-14   Workshop Hamburg
•Okt. 20-21   Convention SMC Eindhoven, Netherlands
•Nov. 3          Convention Crisis Antwerp, Belgium
•Nov. 10-11   Convention “Murocco” Mutterstadt, Germany
•Nov. 17-18   Convention “Dioramica”
•Dec. 15-16   Workshop Sauerlander Wurfelsturm (pending)


•Jan. 5-6       Convention “Scenario” (pending)
•Feb. 3           
Convention “Poldercon”, Utrecht, Netherlands
•Feb. 9           Convention “Warcon”, Ghent, Belgium
•Feb. 16-17    Convention “Tactica”, Hamburg, Germany
•Feb. 23-24   Workshop Leipzich
•Mrt. 30-31   Workshop Essen
•Apr. 6-7        Convention, “Red Lion”, Braunschweig, Germany
•Mei. 18-19   Convention, “Mel Bel”, Welver, Germany

Workshop Hamburg (March, pending)
Workshop Hannover (March, pending)
Workshop Wertheim (April, pending)

If you are interested in a Workshop just send me an email.